Making large things visible to the human eye

Model and supermodel

Who among us wouldn’t prefer that no one giggle in lecture when we say “Victoria’s Secret supermodel”, as we illustrate a point in analyzing demand and supply curves?

I got to enjoy that rare moment of in-stride quiet reflection when I spoke about The Great Shift East at Draper’s Fashion Summit in London earlier this month.

Paula Reed - Style Director, Grazia - at Drapers Fashion Summit

Paula Reed - Style Director, Grazia - at Drapers Fashion Summit. November 2011

This came as a relief after the last three weeks of lecturing on the topic generally to a selection of China’s mayors in Beijing, Carnegie-Tsinghua scholars and PRC undercover security personnel at Beida, US year-abroad undergraduates at LSE, People’s Bank of China policy-makers, CNN interviewers in Abu Dhabi, international diplomats at Cumberland Lodge, state school students in England, and high-wealth international investors at a private asset management conference – none of whom showed the same respectful decorum.
World's Economic Centre of Gravity, 1980-2050

The Great Shift East

I also got to find out that I and Liu Wen 劉雯 (the first Asian model to appear in a Victoria’s Secret show)

Liu Wen

Luxury Goods and the Great Shift East

share a mutual friend, and not just because Facebook told me so.

Global fashion and the Great Shift East:  It’s tough to talk about but someone had to do it.
And this time I didn’t have to get in a long queue for the muffins and croissants either.

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