Making large things visible to the human eye

Yes, but where does this go on a CV?

Thursday (31 May 2007) evening at taekwon-do class the blackbelts at one of the clubs where I train were asked to put on an impromptu demo, and we ended up working wooden boards (yes yes, I know, “boards… don’t hit back”).

Long story short, here I am, on (WMV | QuickTime) video, breaking board with a jump spinning back kick.

Personally, I think there’s nothing more impressive than a long line of blackbelts standing around, looking stern.

But then maybe that’s just me. I also like all the bowing, and saying “Sir” and “Ma’am” a lot.

The Department held the first of its Economics Debates 10 May. I would have made this opening statement. But Caselli started with a clever gambit that derailed that. In any case, I hope everyone had a good time.


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