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Recent photos

2006 April. CM play chess, in the cool of my sister’s house in KL. Western kids, they prefer that to the tropical heat. Just before this trip they’d been discussing with their mom news in the Financial Times on lengthening human lifespans. So on our way to Genting they asked me if I thought it’d be good when humans can live forever. C volunteered that he thought it wouldn’t. In his view what makes life life is that when the time comes, there’s no life thereafter. There is an end. Were humans to live forever, that’s not life. It’s just … existence. (The dramatic pause is C’s.)

2006 April. CM found a bit much the heat and humidity of the Malaysian tropical rain forests. After showering, though, and then lunch in an air-conditioned expensive restaurant, it’s easier to look back with nuance and goodwill. Being tired and sleepy helps too.

2006 January. Being Southeast Asian means you seek the real thing, not just a brand. So, here, two of my sisters-in-law are at Jimmy Choo Couture, London W2.

2005 November. When you do this kind of thing you always get asked two questions: 1. “Are you a blackbelt?” 2. “Do you compete?” I train at taekwon-do because it’s challenging and exhilarating, physically and mentally, and because the friends I’ve made there are truly nice people. But anyway… here’s a photo, silver medal for sparring at the British TAGB Taekwon-do Championships in Coventry. Strangely enough the photos from the English Championships March 2006 look exactly the same as what’s here: there, I won gold at patterns and silver again at sparring. (Thanks for the photos, Pauline!)


3 responses to “Recent photos

  1. Ms Drumknott 2006.07.07 at 10:21

    Your kids are SO cute! You three look totally shagged out – did you take any pics in the rainforest? *nosily*

  2. yati 2006.07.12 at 14:54

    *shock* i didn’t realise that you have a blog! does this mean that i can’t plot to blackmail you as everything is out in the open now??!! only joking!

  3. Mun Hon 2006.09.14 at 09:34

    Well done, didn’t know you are a TKD grand master!

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